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The only parameter that must be specified is id, all the others are optional. The first parameter should be proceeded by a ? and the following parameters are separated using the character &.


<script type="text/javascript"

Name Description
id The id of the league. Here's a list of all available leagues in SoccerDB.
css1 The name of the CSS class to use for the main table rows. Can be used together width css2 to create a table with rotating colors. If you don't want that set css1 and css2 to the same value.
css2 see above
cssLines The CSS class of the table lines. Specify the background-color element for this class to make the table lines a certain color.
showHeader Set to true if you want a row with headers above the table.
cssHeader Specify the CSS class of the header row.
highlightTeam Makes a team stand out in the table. You need to specify a team-id which you can find here.
cssHighlight The CSS class used to display the team selected in highlightTeam.
numberOfTeams The number of teams the table should contain. If highlightTeam is also specified the table will be centered around that team, otherwise the top of the table will be displayed.
columns Specifies what columns the table should contain. The value should be a comma-separated list of column names. The following column names can be used:
  • pos - table position
  • team - team name
  • played - matches played
  • wdl - the three columns won, drawn, lost
  • goals - goals for and against
  • pts - points
  • gdiff - goal difference
For example: use columns=pos,team,pts to make a table that displays position, team name, and points.