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TeamStats for Android

Version 1


After having thought a long time I have decided to release an android version of TeamStats. I have attached the PocketPC screenshots to remind you the features of the PocketPC version.

PocketPC screenshots


Android: online version vs. offline version

And now the adventure begins:

I need your help:

How should the application be designed?

Just like the PocketPC version?
Only offline mode with LiveUpdate?
Only online mode?
Some features offline - other features online?

Which features do you request?

Live results?
Live tables?

Would you pay for having live content?

If so, how much would you pay?


Send all feedback to

It seems that the majority of you wishes offline functonality like before.


TeamStats for Android will be available in the android market.


  • v1, 2012-??-??
    • First version will be released 2012.