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SoccerDB is a database for soccer results from leagues around the world. The results on this site can be updated by anyone. The purpose of this is to make results available as quickly as possible and also not to be dependent on a single person to keep things updated. So if you like this site then please take some time to update the results if you find something missing or if you find an incorrect result. To edit the results just select a league, go to Matches and click Edit results.

Since september 2009 some leagues are updated live by a new plugin. The live standings are also reflected on the latest standings page of a league including nearly realtime table and results.

The data in SoccerDB cannot only be viewed on this site. If you have a handheld computer (PalmOS or PocketPC) you can use the program TeamStats to make sure you're always carrying the latest results with you. If you run your own web site there's an easy way to include tables and matches from SoccerDB using only basic web technologies.

If you find any bugs or have any other comments or suggestions please let me know. Send all feedback to

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