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gold.Ex-Detroit Lions guard T.J. Lang ready to retire from N
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 gold.Ex-Detroit Lions guard T.J. Lang ready to retire from N

DeShone Kizer may not be the answer. It’s time for a veteran."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCSTShareTweetShareShareWednesday Cheese Curds: Could the Packers reboot the backup quarterbacks again?Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY SportsCould the Green Bay Packers give up on DeShone Kizer already as Aaron Rodgers’ backup? That’s one of the questions head coach Matt LaFleur will have to answer as he and general manager Brian Gutekunst examine the roster in preparation for free agency and the draft.Kizer clearly has some skills given he was a second round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2017 Billy Turner Jersey , but he has shown little development in his two professional seasons. That much is obvious given his terrible performance in the Packers’ 31-0 loss to conclude the 2018 season. Given that the Packers’ hopes ride on Rodgers staying healthy, shouldn’t the Packers invest in at least a competent veteran backup? Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and even the Chicago Bears stayed afloat this season thanks to Nick Foles and Chase Daniel’s solid performances when their starters went down.The Packers also could spend an earlier pick on a quarterback in the draft but then they might have to wait for that pick to develop as well and Kizer has shown nothing that the NFL game has slowed down for him so that option should be out. As for Tim Boyle, don’t let the preseason hype fool you. He’d have just as tough a time adjusting as Kizer has. The best option for Green Bay is to go get a veteran backup. There will be plenty of options come free agency.There’s more on the Packers’ backup quarterback situation plus why Jimmy Graham isn’t the only veteran tight end Green Bay should hang onto in today’s cheese curds.Packers no longer can neglect backup QB position—PackersNews.comWhen you throw in the health issues Rodgers has had the last two seasons, it seems the roster is screaming for a veteran backup. Hopefully LaFleur and Gutekunst listen.Rookie year memorable for JK Scott in many ways—Packers.comJK Scott isn’t kidding around when he said he had some ups and downs during his rookie season and hopefully a new special teams coordinator can make the most of a punter whose leg was a weapon at Alabama.Bringing back TE Marcedes Lewis makes sense for Packers—Packers WireMarcedes Lewis was underutilized under former coach Mike McCarthy as both a receiver and a blocker and given LaFleur’s dedication to a consistent running game to set up the pass, bringing Lewis back would form a solid tandem with Graham in the new offense where their skills could actually be properly showcased.From China to Oshkosh, late UW-Oshkosh art professor found passion in Green Bay Packers football—Oshkosh NorthwesternAnyone who lives in Wisconsin knows grocery stores are ghost towns during Packers games. A late UW-Oshkosh professor who usually shopped during games found that interesting so he learned about football and became a fan.Tennessee family searching for escaped rabbit the size of a dog—UPINo word if the rabbit has a mean streak a mile wide. Better not risk a frontal assault, that rabbit is dynamite. Green Bay went head-to-head with a couple other franchises — one of whom has a highly-respected young GM — to get their preferred pass-rushers in free agency."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCDTShareTweetShareShareCheese Curds, 3/22: Packers had to outbid other teams to land their free agent haulTrevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY SportsOver the years Adrian Amos Jersey , one constant for the Green Bay Packers was an unwillingness to budge on the value of a free agent. The Packers would seemingly set a number and stick to it; if the player’s price went over that threshold, the negotiations were over.This year, however, the Packers apparently were a little bit more flexible about that rule than in years past. The details of how Adrian Amos and Billy Turner landed in Green Bay are not entirely clear just yet, but we now know that the Packers did get into a bidding war for both of their new pass-rushers, Preston and Za’Darius Smith. There are two possibilities here: either the deals still came in under the team’s maximum price for these players or else the team bent those rules a bit, knowing that they needed some urgent help on the roster. Regardless of which pathway these signings took, however Jimmy Graham Jersey , the fact that the Packers continued to negotiate after setting their initial number is in and of itself unusual.At first glance, this appears to be largely due to general manager Brian Gutekunst’s influence. Russ Ball still holds the purse strings to an extent, though perhaps even he could see the wisdom of making these significant additions. But it’s clear that Gutekunst values free agency more highly than Ted Thompson did, and perhaps he was willing to push Ball a bit to be more willing to open up to get their guys.It’s also worth wondering what had happened if the Packers had missed out on one or the other of these pass-rushers. Based on the deal that veteran Justin Houston just signed in recent days, it’s reasonable to think the Packers could have been in the market to sign him. Still, given the health and youth of their two new players, Gutekunst is surely perfectly happy with how it all worked out.Packers outbid Jets for Za’Darius Smith, Colts for Preston Smith | Packers WireThe fact that the Colts were highly interested in Preston Smith seems like a great thing; GM Chris Ballard has a great reputation for his eye for talent Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey , so being able to land a player that he coveted speaks well of that decision. The Jets' front office is...let's say less highly-regarded, so the price tag for Za'Darius is at least a bit more concerning.Justin Houston contract: Colts sign LB to two-year, $24 million deal | SI.comThe Colts instead spent their $12 million per year on Houston after missing out on Preston. That's about $3 million less than Houston would have received from the Chiefs this fall, and $1 million less than Preston Smith's deal. However, the shorter term reflects Houston's age and injury history, both knocks on him compared to the younger Smiths.Green Bay Packers' Billy Turner ready to 'have my own impact' | Packersnews.comTurner's dad, Maurice, played three games for the Packers as a running back in 1985. Now his son is in Green Bay as well Marcedes Lewis Jersey , and the Turners will be the third father-son tandem to suit up in green and gold.Ex-Detroit Lions guard T.J. Lang ready to retire from NFL | Detroit Free PressIt's apparently the end of the line for Lang, who was just released by the Lions a few weeks ago. He has certainly had an injury history, particularly in recent years, showing that the Packers made the right decision in not paying him big money when he hit free agency a few years ago. Good luck in retirement, TJ!Raiders sign Vontaze Burfict, and now everybody wants them on Hard Knocks even more | SF GateRemember a few years ago when Burfict knocked out Brown with a dirty hit over the middle of the field, concussing the receiver and setting up the Steelers’ game-winning field goal? Now he’ll have a chance to lay dirty hits on Brown in practice!

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