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uch joy have you given
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 uch joy have you given

When I was recording, my family moved from the big city to the moon ditch. This is undoubtedly another world for those who are familiar with urban life. That Taolin, that mountain stone, that field... all made me cheer, but what I liked was the clear and transparent Xiaohe River in front of the door. This is a small river that is not too wide or too narrow. The willows on both sides of the river will be light and watery Online Cigarettes. The river is hidden in this shade. When I first came, I was a little scared when I looked at the deep water. I remember one time under the shackles of my little friends, I was strong and brave, and rolled up my legs and got water. Just a few steps away, I felt bad. The sand that was stepping on my feet was washed away little by little, and I fell down bit by bit. I was so scared that my friends laughed at Xiaoqinghe, "How long did you leave me?" The spring girl��s steps just came to the shore, we are like monkeys on the willows. Climb up and down, fold the willow branches, twist the willows, and then the shore of the creek, there is a melodious whistling sound everywhere. Later, on both sides of the creek, a cluster of bright wildflowers was opened, and the wind blew across the shore. At this time, several of our urchins were rolling and chasing around the river. Sometimes they sang the tune of the "a big river with wide waves, the wind blowing the flowers and the flowers on both sides..." When there is no wind, the river is as bright as one side. Mirror, everything at the bottom of the stream can be seen. Aunt and a basket of clothes came, momentary, rhythmic clothing Newport Cigarettes Coupons, laughter, the sound of the stream, composed of a harmonious rural music . The fish also came to join in the fun. Look at the "flying fish" that jumps the most, the "red-eyed" that probes the brain... "The fish jumps and runs home Cigarettes Online." Several of my little friends saw it early, ran home quickly, brought a fishing rod, and spent half a day fishing, the fish did not hook. I asked my grandmother, why did the fish not catch well? Grandma did not answer, only smiled quietly, and told me a magical legend: in ancient times, we only had mountains, no rivers, home water, lower Use the basin pot to connect in the rain. One day, a white-bearded grandfather, dressed in a ragged clothes, walked with two buckets of water, thirsty to drink water from the locals. Many people in the village thought he was a madman and no one gave him water. When he came to my village, there was a kind-hearted old woman who really gave him a drink of water. After he finished drinking, he pushed the bucket with his hand, and the water rushed out. The more and more, the stunned the mother-in-law, and in a blink of an eye, the person was gone... Then the Xiaoqing River appeared. "Child, this is Xianshui! The fish that grows in Xianshui is a fairy fish! Do you say that the immortal fish is good for fishing? Hehe..." Grandma said with a mysterious smile. From then on, I know why Xiaoqinghe water So clear, so bright, that is the mirror of the gods and souls! Sometimes I stand alone on the shore, I really want to find the figure of the gods from the fish. In the summer, the thin Xiaoqing River became rich. "Swim to go!" At noon, my voice shouted with my little friend, and I opened the joy. We jumped down from the shore of the donkey to see whose belly was hit by the water and the reddest winter. The creek was frozen and a thin ice was formed. The laughter was very far on the ice, and even the mountains and hills echoed with us. Xiaoqinghe, how much joy have you given me, how many years have passed, and now, whenever I look at the Xiaoqing River, I will think of the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, the mountains and mountains, and the joy that Xiaoqing River brings to the people of hometown. I think of the reason that the fine water merges into a big river. Ah! Xiaoqinghe, you will always remember in my heart. No matter where I go, I will always miss you - my friend "Xiaoqing River".
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