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Industries throughout the world run on the wheels of power
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 Industries throughout the world run on the wheels of power

Industries throughout the world run on the wheels of power. Corporate houses try their best to maintain a steady power supply. Power outages have always been their worst nightmare. Prolonged power supply is not just necessary for businesses but it is also essential for maintaining the quality of the equipment. Other power problems include spikes Cheap Air Max Online , surges, over voltage and under voltage.

Therefore the demand for uninterrupted power supply systems.

Types of UPS systems

UPS systems have seen a huge increase in their demand over the years. One must be careful while selecting such a system, especially for computers otherwise compatibility issues may come up later on.

UPS systems can be classified into three categories in general, namely, the on-line, line-interactive and the standby systems.

An on-line UPS Battery follows the double conversion method (it accepts the AC input and converts it to DC to pass through the battery and then converts back to AC (120V)) to power the protected unit.

A line-interactive UPS, however, maintains the inverter in line and redirects the DC path of the battery away from the normal mode to temporary supply the moment an outage takes place.

For a standby or offline UPS, the backup power circuitry comes into play only when the utility power fails completely or encounters a problem. This type of UPS system is very much in demand as it is lighter on the pocket.

Dynamic UPS

Larger units make use of a dynamic UPS system. It uses a synchronous alternator connected on the mains through a choke. A flywheel holds the energy and power is maintained on an eddy-current.

Other UPS technologies include rotary UPS and the fuel-cell UPS.

Look out for these before you buy a UPS 鈥?br >
Purchasing the right UPS system for your power application needs is very important.

Power capacity

The volts or wattage of the UPS has to be checked first. A UPS with less power capacity cannot prevent data loss in case of shutdowns. Also consider peripheral devices like external hard disks, KVM switches and additional equipment while looking into the requirements.

Outlet capacity

The main function of a UPS is power supply so just calculate the required battery backup outlets and their network set-up.

Electric Surge Protector

Look for a UPS with a surge protector as it saves the device and peripherals from an electrical surge and regulates the voltage. They also avoid damage from a lightning strike.

Equipment Protection Promise

Check the maker鈥檚 equipment protection guarantee and other related features before purchasing the system and always register your UPS.

Alarm Capabilities

A UPS system is enabled with an alarm that reports voltage fluctuations, exceeding of battery strength and such features.

Battery Replacement Indicator

The little indicator on the UPS that warns about possible failure to supply power is the most important of all features. Check for it before you make a purchase.

The device setting, alarm features and other parameters should be simplified. The system should be accessible remotely. All these features should be counted before purchasing a UPS system.
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